Technology expert, mediamanager, journalist and enterpreneur with 20+ years work experience

Since the age of 18, I have been working hard at realizing and generating my own ideas in media and hi-tech fields. Always seeking a new challenge, I strive to be a pioneer in what I do. Whether it be creating from scratch or building teams and ecosystems around products, I’m ready for a dramatic life change and a new challenge.


17+ years of entrepreneurship creating startups and businesses from new media to hi-tech restaurants

18+ years of managing and leading teams, beginning as a chief editor

20+ years in media as journalist, blogger, and an anchorman with my own program on TV and radio

Independent columnist in 50+ magazines

Ambassador of hi-tech brands and innovative technologies



Founder, CEO and investor of innovative projects and startups


Team Leader & Motivator

Teams creator and manager


Host and Public Speaker

More than 100 public lectures and other events


Brand Ambassador and Influencer

Presenting hitech brands in media



Author and Anchorman on Radio and TV


Technologies Writer

2000+ articles in printed and online media

Skills and Fields


Pioneer of the Tech World

First podcast studio in Russia

First glossy gadget website in Russia

Videoblogging: one of the first in Russia to capture gadget reviews on video and first with gadget crash test

Digital publishing: I wrote the world’s first, and still unique, interactive fiction novel for social media platforms

Launched world’s first gadget restaurant

Fields of interest

I’m not focusing on one area, but interested in projects across a wide spectrum of fields, mostly innovative, and at the forefront of current trends.

  • Services & Products 2.0
  • New Media & Publishing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Online Education
  • AI & Maching Learning

Own Projects

As an entrepreneur, founder and investor, I have launched 20+ projects and companies; 14 of which were successful, and 9 that are still working.


Hitech Restaraunt

Founded world's first gadget restaraunt Gadget Studio with unique features and services


Product & Service Companies

Created and invested in 8 companies offering services or selling products, 4 are still working


Production Studios

Founded 3 studios producing audio, video and web/mobile apps


Media Resources

Launched online/printed media and publishing/printing houses, 3 are still working

Working Experience

While working full time, I was involved in 6 companies, mainly focusing on media.


Seven Days Publishing House

Technologies columnist at ITOGI, Chief Editor at NOMOBILE.RU, B2B/Video/New Media Account - 2007-2013 (6 years 8 months)

I began as a technology’s columnist for the top Russian business magazine. Later my own project ( was acquired by a publishing house and re-launched with video production. I founded the B2B media department and video production studio and was responsible for content, promo, video and sales.


Open Systems Publications

Chief Editor at Stuff, B2B and Special Projects Director - 2003-2005 (3 years)

I was the youngest chief editor of all Stuff editions, and responsible for all content and sales. However, my main job was to create a B2B department in publishing house for corporate media and it was incredibly successful. I also engaged new clients and created magazines, and continued working for the company after I left.


Sanoma Independent Media Publishing

Editor at Men's Health, Special/B2B Projects Account - 2002-2005 (3 years)

I won a competition to be the first Men's Health editor for technologies topics. After one year, I became special projects editor for the whole publishing house and founded the corporate media department.


NEON Magazine

Correspondent, Columnist, Author - 1999-2002 (3 years)

In the beginning, I was responsible for interviews with foreign celebrities, all while in English. Later, I was promoted to movie reviews and eventually ended up in website developing and promoting.



Seoul National University

Fellowship Program for Journalists

Chosen for a Fellowship Program for Talented Journalists. Studied at Seoul National University (Korea) for one month in international group


Mocow State University of Transport (MIIT)

Bachelor of Economics
1999 - 2003

Bachelor of Economics Department of Finance and Credit Graduated with Honors.